Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Project: Runaway Bride by Heidi Betts

Handbag designer Juliet Zaccaro should be walking down the aisle, so why is she running out of the church instead? Because she just found out she's pregnant, and not by her cruel, distant fiancé! Now it's up to private investigator Reid McCormack to bring her home. But once he finds her, he'll make sure she doesn't go back to her fiancé--especially since the baby she's carrying might just be Reid's! Even as Juliet denies their explosive chemistry, can Reid convince her that there's more between them than a baby bump?

My review:
We first met Juliet Zaccaro in Project: Runaway Heiress.  This is important because I don’t think I would have liked her as much in this book if I hadn’t.  I understood her motivations much better for having read the first book.  Juliet appears to be a strong put together woman.  But part of that is trying to be what she thinks everyone else needs her to be.  The delight in this sweet sexy story is watching Juliet figure out what she wanted for herself and find the strength to settle for nothing less. 

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