Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Cursed Clan: Callum (part deux) by Melissa Schroeder

I originally read and posted this in February 2012.  Since it has been so long between this and Angus (finally coming out in April) I decided to re-read and repost my review as Melissa Schroeder is re-releasing The Cursed Clan: Callum in preparation.

Callum Lennon is a cranky, reclusive, wealthy Scot with a problem.  He and his cousins were cursed in the 1700’s.  They have recently come into possession of a diary that may contain the way to break the curse.  The problem is it is written in several languages and in code.  Enter Phoebe Chilton.  Phoebe is the daughter of famous archeologists, went to college at thirteen and is now a widow from a horrible marriage.  She does however possess the skills to decode the diary.  Sparks both good and bad fly between Phoebe and Callum from almost the instant they meet.

I’ve read and enjoyed several of Ms. Schroeder’s erotic romances.  This is not an erotic romance despite some very toasty scenes.  I’d call it romantic suspense with a paranormal feature (the curse).  That being said, I LOVED this story.  Hot Scots, action, adventure, and mystery what’s not to love?  Bring on Angus.


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