Sunday, January 5, 2014

Born to Love (The Reborn #3) by Caridad Piñeiro

This series keeps getting better.  I am sure that the events that put FBI Special Agent David Harris in a wheelchair took place in a book in The Calling series (which I have yet to read).  It didn’t make much difference to this story.  FBI Special Agent Diana Reyes is sent to the park with her best friend FBI Forensic Pathologist Maggie Gonzalez to find out what tore a victim to pieces.  While on scene Maggie is attacked by something big and furry.  ADIC Jesus Hernandez assigns Diana’s former partner FBI Special Agent David Harris to assist in tracking down the perp.  Things get complicated right away because David and Maggie used to live and love together before his accident and he still blames Diana for not telling him the whole truth about what happened.  Despite this they work together to and eventually find that there are lots of things out there that go bump in the night.  This was a terrific PNR.  Sexy, sweet and suspenseful.     

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