Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wrecked by Shiloh Walker

Sweet, sexy, friends to lovers contemporary romance.
Child stars Zach Barnes & Abigale Applegate have left the Hollywood life behind but not each other.  Zach has been Abby’s best friend for 20 years so when she gets dumped two months before her wedding she calls Zach.  The problem is that Zach has no problem with the impending marriage falling through because he has loved Abby his whole life.  Everybody sees it but her.  So when Abby wants to celebrate her new found freedom with a torrid affair Zach sees a way to make her see him.  He figures if he can get her into bed maybe she will let him into her heart as well. 
Check your brain at the door and enjoy the ride.  This was a fun read.  I loved that this time it was the guy holding the torch for the girl and the girl being totally oblivious.  

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