Saturday, April 20, 2013

Midnight Alias (Killer Instincts #2) by Elle Kennedy

A DEA agent has gone missing and Jim Morgans mercenary group has been hired to find him.  Ladies man Luke needs to get close to Olivia Taylor aka Livie Lovelace a stripper at the Diamond Mine the last place the DEA agent was seen.  The problem is the mobster that runs the joint has claimed Olivia as his and he doesn't share.  Getting close to her will be tough but Luke is up for the job.  What he doesn't expect is what he finds himself feeling for her when he does.  She is not what he expected.  Now all he has to do is find the DEA agent and get Olivia away from the mobster and convince her that he is the guy for her.  He might have more luck knife fighting with Abby.
The second in the Killer Instincts romantic suspense series is as good if not better than the first.  The men are hot and heroic.  The women are smart and sassy.  What more do you need?  Fans of Lori Fosters Edge of Honor series will enjoy this.
I look forward to Trevor & Isabel’s story out in August.

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