Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Project: Runaway Heiress by Heidi Betts

Lily has created something to be proud of. She has started her own fashion house in New York. With her sisters doing the accessories and shoes they are a creating something special. When her designs start showing up in LA at a competitors house she is determined to find out who is stealing her designs. To that end she takes a job as personal assistant position with Nigel Statham, CEO of Ashdown Abbey the company at which her designs are appearing. She doesn't expect to be so darn attracted to him. All she can hope is that he isn't involved with the theft.
Nigel Statham is trying to bring Britain’s Ashdown Abbey fashions to America. He works hard and is having trouble finding a PA he can keep. In LA everyone is an actress or a wanna be designer. He needs a PA so when Lily shows up and is competent he is conflicted. He is thrilled to have an efficient PA but his attraction to her is darned inconvenient. Will the attraction last when he finds out she is not who she appears to be?

This is a sweet contemporary romance. I really liked Nigel and Lily and wanted to see them succeed but they had a lot of obstacles in the way. Heidi Betts handled it realistically and well.

On a side note: I've followed Ms. Betts bloghttp://heidibetts.com/wipsandchains/ for a year or so now and have enjoyed her humor and watching the book writing process from afar. She had a couple of days where this book tried her patience. All I can say is that from my perspective it was well worth the angst because the final product was so well done.

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