Friday, October 21, 2016

Magic and Mayhem: Risky Witchness (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Saranna DeWylde

Millicent Mandrake is a witch with a Prick and problem. She’d argue that all Pricks are problems, but to be fair, she’s never met another porcupine familiar. She wouldn’t be in this mess if he hadn’t taken to crawling into her seat at just the wrong time. The middle of Masters Conjuring and she’d just wrought the best, most powerful spell of her life--mortals would call it defending their dissertation—and she sat on him. The stream of curses that left her lips tore a hole in this dimension and conjured a slick-talking, snappy dressing, horned hottie named Ethelred. 

Instead of being the answer she’d hoped for—making her student loans disappear—he’s another problem. His magic doesn’t work in this dimension and she has no idea how to send him home. So she packs up her Prick, her problem, her Ethelred, and all her worldly and otherworldly goods in her purple ’86 SS Monte Carlo, and drives to Assjacket, West Virginia in hopes of gaining an audience with Baba Yaga, but she’s away visiting the 80’s. 
When Millie tries to drown her sorrows in fairy juice, she gets a different kind of audience, a hangover from hell, and an idea that’s just crazy enough to work—a strip club that caters to the supernatural. She’ll be raking in the money in no time and her magic will be safe. 

Of course, nothing can be that easy in Assjacket—or even just outside the county line. Some patrons are committing strange crimes after leaving her club and she’s got ten days to solve the mystery or face Baba Yaga’s wrath. 

My review:
Sassy, sexy and fun. Millicent Mandrake is a witch who is smart, sexy and comfortable in her own skin. She has hit a couple of speed bumps but hasn’t let it get her down. Her familiar is a porcupine and she accidentally pulled a demon into this dimension. Now she is trying to pay off her student loans, figure out what she has done to end up with a porcupine familiar and try not to fall for the hot demon. Just another day in the life. If you want a laugh out loud escape then Risky Witchness is for you.

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