Saturday, October 15, 2016

An Unhuman Journey (Only Human #2) by Candace Blevins

There’s a war brewing between good and evil, and the chess pieces are being set…

Aaron has gone missing, and Mordecai has taken over Kirsten's training. She's learning by leaps and bounds under the god-of-old’s not-so-gentle tutelage, but with Nathan in charge of Drake Security during The Dragon King’s unplanned absence, everything is upside down.

The evil Celrau vampires were banned from creating new offspring, but they’ve bargained for permission to do so in the Underworld, where the Concilio has no authority. As part of their army-building, the Celrau vampires kidnap Kirsten and take her to the Underworld with the intention of making her one of them. Alone in another realm, Kirsten must form unexpected alliances to survive a most Unhuman Journey .

Join bestselling author Candace Blevins on a thrilling adventure into the critically acclaimed sequel to Only Human .

My review:
An Unhuman Journey  is the second book in a powerful new urban fantasy series. Strap in and settle down for the rocket ride that is this book. Kirsten is training for a war on the horizon. As one of the only human combatants she is going to need every trick she can learn. Her buddy Aaron has taken off (his journey is told in The Dragon King) leaving the Lion King Nathan in charge of Drake Security and the god of old, Mordecai in charge of her training. After reading Pride I was predisposed to not like Nathan but this book had me really liking him. This book puts Kirsten through Hell and all that does is strengthen her like tempered steel. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes her to next.

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