Thursday, October 13, 2016

Ablaze (Dallas Fire & Rescue #2) by Paige Tyler

The heat is on… 

Paramedic Lexi Fletcher is thrilled to transfer to Station 58. For one thing, her commute time is half of what it used to be. For another, Station 58 has a much better facility and far more exciting calls. It doesn’t hurt that Dane Chandler, the firefighter she’s been crushing on since joining Dallas and Rescue, works there. Okay, to tell the truth, maybe Dane is the biggest reason she requested the move! 

But just when things with Dane start to heat up, Lexi’s dream job takes a turn in the freaky direction. Patients she’s been bringing to the hospital are turning up dead, even though they were in stable condition when she dropped them off. Her instincts are screaming there’s something fishy going on, but she can’t figure out what it is, and she can’t get anyone to believe her—except Dane. 

Can he help her find the killer and stop him from striking again, or will Lexi become the target of a madman? 

My review:
Is it getting hot in here? I love Lexi Fletcher. A paramedic Lexi is a strong woman who isn’t afraid to go for what she wants and what she wants is firefighter Dane Chandler. We met Dane in the first book Rekindled. Apparently his sister getting together with his best friend has been good for Dane because he isn’t as much of an ass in this book. It was fun seeing him fall hard for Lexi. I loved that Lexi calls Dane on his screw ups but forgives and forgets when he admits his errors and they can move on. Ablaze is full of action, adventure and love.

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