Saturday, October 31, 2015

Touch Not the Cat: a Sexy Halloween Romance by Cathryn Cade

It will take a Halloween intervention of the furriest kind to pair a darkly sexy wizard and a naive librarian. 

Egan Warburton can have any woman he wants—so of course this eligible wizard will choose a witch to share his new home. But why can’t he keep his eyes off his pretty neighbor? She’s too innocent for the likes of him … although she does love cats, especially Warlock, his own alter-ego. In either form, he can’t seem to resist playing naughty tricks to get her attention. 

Too bad she’s a mortal with no idea his magickal realm even exists. 

Paige Turner is the first to admit she’s as vanilla as they come--librarian, good neighbor and kind to cats, even black ones. But in her dreams, she’s a femme fatale who’s not afraid to shake off her bonds of caution and go after what she really wants ... such as her mysterious new neighbor, who is suddenly starring in her most erotic fantasies. 

Too bad he’s also the most obnoxious man she’s ever met.

My review:
Touch Not the Cat is a lighthearted sexy fun pnr with wizards, witches and a human librarian who will steal the show. Hunky warlock Egan Warburton moves in next door to mortal librarian Paige Turner. She is smitten by his good looks and totally put off by his attitude. He too is smitten but doesn’t want to be. When he finally decides to pursue her his alter ego, Warlock, a large black cat seems to be doing better with Paige than he is. Love in a small town can be just as fun, complicated and kinky as in the big city. Halloween can be lots of fun. I loved this book and want Mandy’s story next.

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