Sunday, October 18, 2015

Colby: September (Mystic Zodiac Book 9) by Brandy Walker

Colby Noble is a Djinn; a genie in layman's terms. No, not the living in a lamp and granting three wishes kind. That's partly myth. There's more to a Djinn than granting wishes and there's more to him than being a genie. He's the head bartender and co-manager of the bar at Club Satyr. There's nothing major going on in his life, work is good and he's happily single. All of that changes one night when he spies a sexy, curvy witch breathing fire...literally. Witches are his weakness. The kind of women he can't resist. Trust him, he's tried. It doesn't work out well. 

Ella Burke, the curvy witch in question, is celebrating a friend's promotion with a night out at Club Satyr. THE place for all things Mystics, including the ability to get a little drunk and wild. Something she's definitely up for…fun after a long week of work. It’s time for her to relax, instead of being the one relaxing others as a masseuse. When she and her friends are approached by reputed heartbreaker and so-freaking-hot-she-could-die bartender Colby, she's intrigued and giddy...but that could have been the alcohol. 

Forces outside their control push Colby and Ella together after she accidentally loses his number and he doesn't know how to find her. Strange and mysterious things that have Ella getting her dream job and Colby running back into his dream woman. Maybe this time they'll get their act together and find true love. That is, if another witch with eyes only for Colby doesn't get in their way. 

My review:
We have all met a guy like Colby, a charming player who is good for a good time but nothing serious. That is until he meets his future in the form of curvy witch Ella Burke. Ella is fun, sweet and strong. She is perfect for Colby and this should be an easy match for Chloe. If it weren’t for a jealous witch who wants Colby for her own.
This is a terrific addition to the very loosely connected Mystic Zodiac series. Read this and root on Ella and Colby in this perfect for September romance.

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