Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Kiss in the Shadows by Marie Patrick

Danger lurks in the mountains of New Mexico when sheriff-turned-bounty-hunter Brock MacDermott goes on the prowl for infamous outlaw Zeb Logan. Logan killed Brock’s brother and his family in an ambush, and Brock has never forgiven himself for failing to keep them safe. 

Driven by his single-minded mission to make Logan pay, he rides from town to town on a lonely quest, careful to keep emotional attachments at arm’s length—until young, beautiful Stevie Rae Buchanan insists on joining his hunt. Stevie Rae’s father was also brutally murdered by Logan, and she won’t rest until the outlaw is either behind bars or dead. 

There’s no room for romance when you’re chasing down a dangerous criminal, but when undeniable feelings develop between them, Stevie Rae and Brock must decide whether capturing Logan is worth sacrificing everything else.

My review:
Revenge may best be served cold but it burns hot in the hearts of Brock MacDermott and Stevie Rae Buchanan. Outlaw Zeb Logan has carelessly and ruthlessly taken loved ones from them both and others, they would see him hang if only they could catch him. Brock has been chasing him for a long time when Stevie Rae bullies her way into the hunt. Stevie’s beauty, determination and commitment start a heart Brock long thought dead but falling in love on the trail of a cold blooded killer may just be the smartest and dumbest thing he has ever done.
I don’t often read western historicals so I can’t speak to the accuracy of the times. I can say that this is an intriguing story and that I had a blast watching these two find each other and give each other a new reason to live other than revenge. Brock is a perfect foil for Stevie Rae and Stevie Rae is just what stoic Brock needs to kickstart his heart.  A fun escape.
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