Thursday, October 8, 2015

Evermore (Dragon Wars #4) by Rebecca Royce

How is love possible when all is lost?

Werewolf Homer Prinze wants nothing more than to complete his assignment and get out of the wasteland that is the city. The dragons have destroyed everything, but a cry catches his attention. Before he knows it, he has met his mate. She needs his help and he is going to give it to her.

Camille is no one's idea of great mate. Pregnant and alone, she is scarred and not looking for a companion in the hard world in which she lives.

But when Homer needs her, she will risk everything to bring him home.

My review:
The war is over and just begun. The Dragons are defeated and dying and the wolves have to find a way to live again. The packs were forcibly disbanded and now they have to either create new ones or figure out how to live without. Werewolf Homer Prinze has found a pack with Robbie Owens and his family. He just wants to start rebuilding his world. He hadn’t even though of a mate. Camille Kendrick has been on her own for a long time. She has done things to stay alive that she isn’t proud of. Now she is on the run. She meets Homer when he rescues her from two wolves intent on raping and killing her even though she is pregnant. Pregnant or not she is his mate.  His wolf howls with delight. Now all he has to do is earn her trust and keep her safe. That may be harder than he thought.
Homer is the sweetest most wonderful wolf. He is patient and kind. But even the sweetest wolf has a breaking point. That’s when Camille’s strength comes through proving the fates really knew what they were doing when they made these two mates.
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