Saturday, May 2, 2015

Wolf's Seduction by Diana DeRicci

Three sexy wolf-shifter stories that will capture your heart in a twisted web of suspense, lust, and true love. Howling optional.

Agent Jonas Dreyer has been working night and day to intercept valuable memory chips before they are delivered into the wrong hands. A happily confirmed bachelor with good reason, he never expects for the woman who is struck by his suspect in a wild foot chase to be the one, his mate.

Neither do they expect her to be targeted as the only person who may know where the vanished chips may be.

An afternoon spent avoiding his sister places Rush Donovan on a collision course with Fate. Interrupting a possible violent disturbance brings him face to face with the one woman he never wanted to meet. His mate.

Dario Acardi has enough stress in his life. His family is hounding him to marry, his father wants him to take over as head of the pride, and his cousin needs to borrow the car. All he wants is a little peace.

But now that a certain cougar has decided Sheridan is the woman he needs, Dario has to convince her that what she believes isn't true at all. That size isn't what rules the heart. And perfection really is in the eye of the beholder.

My review:

I LOVE shifter stories.  This book contains 3 wonderfully quick and smoking hot stories. 

WATCHING HER EVERY MOVE  - Stacee is in the wrong place at the wrong time and is bowled over by the bad guy who is being chased by Agent Jonas Dreyer.  Agent Jonas Dreyer is bowled over by Stacee.  He goes above and beyond to protect her from the bad guys but can he protect his heart?  Fun, suspenseful and sexy.

ALPHA AWAKENING - Rush Donovan never wanted to be Alpha and he sure doesn’t want to find his true mate after watching his mother wither and die after losing his dad leaving him to raise his sister Sheridan.  But life happens and the heart wants what the heart wants and his heart wants Kay.  It helps that he is a cop and Kay has a crazy ex she needs help escaping from.

LOVE'S LEARNING CURVES  - The first 2 stories in this book are about wolf shifters.  In this book Dario Acardi is a Cougar shifter who falls for wolf shifter Sheridan.  I’ll admit to falling big time for Dario.  He is sweet, sexy, supportive and just dominant enough to trip my trigger.  This story is proof that dogs and cats can get along very well.

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