Friday, May 22, 2015

Nordic Heat by Lizzie T. Leaf

Nordic Heat by Lizzie T. Leaf

If her family isn’t enough of a headache, Chief Meteorologist for a New York City television station, Isabella Girardi, is assigned a hot, new team member. The heartthrob’s good looks and smooth manner makes her go weak in the knees when she’s close to him. Problem is, Galvin Haldor is also nuts. He lives in a delusional world where he thinks he’s a Nordic god. 
Being the youngest son of Thor, the Nordic god of Thunder, has always created issues for Galvin Haldor. Tired of the fights with his father, and his mother pushing him to marry one of the boring females in the godly realm, he directs his attention to earth. When he sees the beautiful Isabella, she becomes the one for him. 
Can the mismatched pair get beyond their physical attraction, and family objections to the find the true love they both crave? Or is their relationship a passing fling? 

My review:
With humor and sensitivity Lizzie T. Leaf  brings us a wonderfully sexy tale of love  between a human meteorologist and the son of Thor.  When these two meet it is destined.  But Thor wants to prevent his son from the heartbreak loving a human can bring and gets creative with his efforts.  You will enjoy the role Loki plays and there is fun to be had from several pantheons.  This is a fast paced well written romp that makes me want to revisit.  I look forward to finding out who Isabella’s friends have hooked up with.

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