Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Wolf Awakens (Black Hills Wolves Book 18) by Cam Cassidy

Death is not always an ending. 

When the dreams first began, Angeni Sweet thought they were just that…dreams. Born with the gift of a medium, she quickly realized the truth—when she last entered the spiritual world, something returned inside her. Waking with bruises and daytime flashes of pain, the dark spirit makes himself known. His face, his name, a place. He leads her, and she has no choice but follow. 

Believe in nothing. 

Despite living in Los Lobos his entire life, Jaxon Boone has few things he believes in—his favorites being cold beer and hot women. Those beliefs change. When Drew demands he take the beautiful stranger, Ange, to an isolated cabin in the woods for the good of the pack, he learns that the things not seen are the most powerful. 

The battle begins. 

Fighting against the malevolent spirit of Magnum as he tries to push his way back to world, Ange fears it won’t be enough. Will Jax find the belief in needs in time to save not only the pack but the woman that quickly becomes the center of his world?

My review:
A Wolf Awakens takes a lot of twists and turns.  Angeni Sweet is a true psychic.  Jaxon Boone doesn’t believe in psychics.  He is blown away when he finds out that his mate claims to be one.  Angeni has seen visions of former psycho alpha Magnum. Jaxon knows he is dead.  Can these to find out what is real and be together?  Find out in this fast paced romp into possibilities.  
I had my doubts when I started this but in the end I couldn’t put it down.  It ended a little abruptly but all in all a fascinating read.

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