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Jagged Lovers Series by Catherine Vale - On The Prowl, On The Move, On The Edge

Jagged Lovers Series by Catherine Vale  - On The Prowl, On The Move, On The Edge

Notice To Readers: The Jagged Lovers series IS a cliffhanger-based series so each part ends with a cliffhanger. In addition, I won't leave you hanging! All three parts are available right now! Enjoy!

On The Prowl:
Addison James will do anything to save her sister's life. That includes giving herself to a dangerous stranger, a man with secrets, a man far from human. 

Griffin is the only one who can give Addison what her sister needs to survive, but to do so means Addison must give him the very same thing, no matter the cost. 

On The Move:
Griffin was a shifter who refused to be loved, but Addison James wouldn’t take no for an answer. With hearts on the line, and a new future on the rise, they were anxious to share their lives together, but fate had another plan for them. Addison finds herself kidnapped by humans who thought they were there to rescue her, but when a new plan forms Griffin needs to act quickly or risk losing his one true mate forever. 

On The Edge:
With raiders on the hunt, and Addison long gone, Griffin must find a way to lead his clan while desperately searching for the only woman he's truly ever loved. He failed to protect her once, and if he doesn't move quickly, he just night never get the chance to hold her in his arms again. 

My review:

Gifted copies provided by author/publisher for an honest review.

I am so not a fan of serials.  Thank goodness all three installments were available at the time I was reading this or this would be a very different review. 
Part 1 - On The Prowl - Addison is desperate to find a cure for her twin sister.  Desperate enough to travel to Peru with her ex to find a flower that will provide the cure.  
Part 2 - On The Move – It is time for Addison to live up to her end of the bargain. Just when she becomes comfortable with Griffin and the shifters she is abducted by a bounty hunter.
Part 3 - On The Edge -  Reunited with her ex and her sister all Addison can think about is returning to Griffin.  Griffin is torn between finding Addison and protecting his people. 

In my humble opinion this would have worked just fine as a book rather than split into three parts.  These have to be read in order and probably wouldn’t work as standalone. 
Addison is smart, driven and a bit naïve.  Griffin is Alpha and at times obnoxious.  Watching him fall was a lot of fun.  If you treat this as a check your brain at the cover, total escape this is a good read.  If you have Kindle Unlimited get these three books as a vacation for your mind.  These books reminded me of 1950’s jungle movies.

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