Saturday, March 14, 2015

Curious (The Finn Factor #1) by R.G. Alexander

Are you Curious? 

Jeremy Porter is. Though the bisexual comic book artist has known Owen Finn for most of his life—long enough to know that he is terminally straight—he can’t help but imagine what things would be like if he weren’t. 

Owen is far from vanilla—as a dominant in the local fetish community, he sees as much action as Jeremy does. Lately even more. 

Since Jeremy isn’t into collars and Owen isn’t into men, it seems like his fantasies will remain just that forever…until one night when Owen gets curious. 

Warning: Contains explicit m/m nookie. A lot of it. Very detailed. Two men getting kinky, talking dirty and doing the horizontal mambo. Are you reading this? Do you see them on the cover? Guy parts will touch. You have been warned. 

(R.G. Alexander, BDSM, spanking, m/m, Hot romance, steamy romance, first time)

My review:
Friends to lovers m/m style.  Curious is a fast paced, well written, fun contemporary mm romance and I really enjoyed it.  I wasn’t sure I would because of the title.  I’ve read several books where the guy is hurt by guy friends who are just “curious”. Jeremy is sure that is what is happening here with his best friend Owen and it just may irreparably break his heart.  Watching them explore and discover new things about themselves was just fantastic. There is mild consensual bondage and spanking. The Finn family is terrific and I can’t wait to read more.

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