Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Grave Mistake (Blackmore Sisters Mystery Book 6) by Leighann Dobbs

When a mutilated body shows up in their seaside town of Noquitt Maine, the Blackmoore sisters realize that an ancient relic they've been trying to locate has been hidden under their noses the whole time. 

... Too bad they aren't the only ones that know it's there. 

Stalked by a mysterious candy-chewing killer and threatened by paranormals, the girls must race against time to interpret a decades old clue left in an overgrown graveyard before the relic falls into the hands of their evil enemy Dr. Mortimer Bly. 

The search turns personal and the girls find their paranormal skills tested on every level while they try desperately to find the relic, a vessel with mystical properties, before it falls into the wrong hands. 

My review:
Another fun mystery featuring some bad guys we have seen before.  The girls are back.  The bad guys announce themselves with a dead body in town clutching a map a lot like the one their aunt sent them.  This gets the girls racing against the bad guys and following clues.
I was a little disappointed in this book.  Not that the story wasn’t good it was.  It just felt like I’d read it before.  I want to know more about Mateo.  I am thrilled that the ending hints the girls will be going to a new location for their next adventure.

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