Sunday, June 29, 2014

Wild and Fevered (Fevered Hearts #6.5) by Heather Long

Cody Morning Star spent most of his life allowing his wolf to be in ascendance. The brother wolf was more a second personality—friend and protector—but now he and the wolf see the world as one. Mate, pack, and family. Mariska changed everything for him, but his concern grows day by day as the mate he adores struggles and seems to distance herself. It enrages and terrifies him in turns. There is nothing Cody won’t do for his mate, but will she let him?

Mariska grew up a gypsy princess, a member of a roving tribe of Travelers, but her clan left her behind, forsaking her for breaking their laws. Cody’s passion and bite changed her whole world, but the wolf she becomes is not her and she has little control over its actions. She and her wolf agree that Cody is theirs to adore, but the princess longs for more. She craves a pack and family and a child, but can the woman who becomes a wolf ever have one? In the two years since she mated, not once has her body shown the signs of pregnancy and the need is driving her mad.

Wild and Fevered, Cody and Mariska must come to terms with who they are together and who they can be…or will their wild sides leave them forever at odds? 

My review:
Thank goodness.  Heather Long finally redeemed Mariska.  I really liked her when we first met her in Brave Are the Lonely.  She was feisty, snarky and a real spitfire.  After her change she became rather hard to like.  She was whiny one minute and bitchy the next.  In Wild and Fevered she finally gets a start on getting her act together.  Once again she is someone I can like. 
I would advise reading Brave Are the Lonely at least before reading this.  Although you might just want to go ahead and read the whole series.  It is addictive.

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