Sunday, June 1, 2014

Alpha Rising (Fallen Alpha 0.5) by Rebecca Royce

In the first book of her exciting new series, Rebecca Royce invites you to a world where the death of the Alpha Prime has left a vacuum in the power structure binding the packs together and the alphas of each werewolf pack are on the brink of war. Negotiations will take skillful handling, dominant strength, and the discovery of old bonds long forgotten.
A mechanic, the Philadelphia Alpha Travis Michaels understands how to keep his pack together and running smoothly despite the upheaval caused by the death of Lucian, the Alpha Prime. To that end, he makes regular visits to a little diner in New Jersey—a neutral ground where he and the Manhattan Alpha try to negotiate a peace. But the last thing Travis expected to find in the diner was a latent werewolf and his true mate…
Cursed with the worst luck when it came to men, Liliana Rouse is less than thrilled by Travis’ obvious interest even if he heats her blood and turns her inside out with lust. Her body, she’d long since learned, was not the best judge of character. But Travis awakens a longing in her she can’t deny, and when her apartment is firebombed and a second alpha sweeps her away, Liliana discovers a whole new world of danger and passion…

Previously Found in the Ever After Anthology

My review:
I am a huge fan of Rebecca Royce and shifters so I was excited to get my grubby paws on this story.  This is an introduction to a new world of shifters.  The packs Alpha Prime is dead and there are two schools of thought among the Alphas those that want to just hold the territories they now hold and those that would take over all of the packs and declare themselves Alpha Prime.  In Alpha Rising we meet the Alphas of Manhattan and Philadelphia.  Someone is trying to cause strife between them and to top it off the Philadelphia Alpha Travis Michaels finally meets his mate in the form of latent werewolf Liliana Rouse who thinks she is human.  Can love bloom on the eve of war?
As always Rebecca Royce has built a world filled with colorful characters, magic and mayhem.  This is going to be a great series.

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