Saturday, June 7, 2014

His Choice (Dante's Circle #3.5) by Carrie Ann Ryan

As the youngest son of Lucifer, Fawkes has long since known what paths his future could take. He could follow his father’s footsteps, stealing the souls of humans and slowly lose his own, or starve himself and wither away until he finds his true half and forms a bond that can not only save his life, but his soul.

Leslie Masterson’s life has been one torment after another. A submissive wolf, she’s tried to hide in the shadows of her Pack and find the will to live another day. After her brother—the man who has beaten her verbally and physically her entire life—is killed when he challenges the Alpha, Leslie finally sees a path to freedom.

It only takes one look between the two for them to know that they could be the answer to each other’s prayers, but some of the Pack isn’t ready to let Leslie go. It will take the strength of a fiery demon from hell and the love of a submissive wolf to overcome not only their past, but their chance at a future.

His Choice was also found in the Ever After Anthology.

My review:
Yay! We get Fawkes story.  We met Fawkes in Her Warriors' Three Wishes (Dante's Circle #2) when he helped fellow demon Balin and the werewolf Beta, Hunter (who’s story we get in An Unlucky Moon (Dante's Circle #3)) escape from hell.  Now Fawkes is in his time of transition and has to decide whether he is going to go the way Balin did or follow his father’s plan and take a soul.  Fawkes’ mate isn’t one of the ladies from Dante’s Circle so I guess that makes this a spin off.  This is a short sweet sexy romp that will convince you that you need to read the other books in this series.

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