Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Barker Triplets Boxed Set (The Barker Triplets #1-3) by Juliana Stone

Identical triplets Billie-Jo, Bobbi-Jo, and Betty Jo Barker may look alike but they very definitely each have their own personality.  Billie-Jo is the “tom boy” a world class athlete trying to make it in a “mans world.”.  Bobbi-Jo is the “late bloomer”  she is smart and organized she just doesn’t know what she wants to do with it.  Betty Jo is the “bad girl” who ran away to become a top model who then threw it all away with dangerous living.

Billie-Jo has won a couple of Olympic medals and played pro hockey in Sweden but injuries forced her out and now she is home trying to figure out what to do with the rest of her life.  Hockey has been her life and she is good at it.  If she wasn’t female she would’ve been playing in the NHL.  So when she wants to join the Friday night mens league all heck breaks loose.  And then there is team captain Logan Forrest the guy she has been in love with for what seems her whole life but who never seemed to see her as a female.  Well he has no doubts now.

Bobbi-Jo is about to marry the wrong man.  Bobbi-Jo had this mad, passionate love with Shane Gallagher when she was younger and it went oh so wrong.  Now she has grown up and is being responsible and doing what is right.  She isn’t exactly happy but she had that and it crashed and burned.  Now Shane is back and the flames are still there.  Does she throw away respectability for a chance at happiness?

Betty Jo is home.  Her modeling career has flamed out and she is home licking her wounds.  She lets no one close.  When superstar Beau Simon comes to town wanting Betty Jo to star in his new movie she is afraid.  She has been hurt but maybe Beau can help her heal.
I will admit I didn’t like Betty Jo very much in the first two books and through half of this one but by the end I ended up admiring her strength and fortitude.

These books are sweet, fun and feisty.  

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