Monday, December 16, 2013

Mission: Seduction by Candace Havens

Subject: Marine Lieutenant Rafe McCawley

Mission: Seduce the woman who saved him. But does he have the right one?

A breathtaking island resort is perfect for Rafe McCawley to relax, recover and enjoy the woman whose emails kept him sane during his previous tour. But instead, Rafe is greeted by her stunning sister, Kelly Callahan pro surfer, resort owner and (God help him) hot enough to set the ocean itself ablaze.

But Rafe doesn't know the whole truth. Kelly had been the one behind the emails. And she'll tell him as soon as she can get her libido under control!

The heat between them is immediate. It's red-hot. And wrong or right, it won't be denied

Uniformly Hot!

The Few. The Proud. The Sexy as Hell.

My review:
We met Marine Lieutenant Rafe McCawley in Model Marine.  He was fun loving, sexy and ready for anything.  Time has passed and a military action in Somalia has Rafe suffering from PTSD and recovering from several injuries.  Kelly Callahan knows her fashion model sister Mimi is a little self-absorbed so when Mimi starts getting these sweet emails from Rafe – Kelly knows Mimi isn’t going to answer so she does (as Mimi).  When Rafe needs a little R&R Kelly invites him to her resort in Fiji (as Mimi).  One thing leads to another and then she has to explain to Rafe that it was she not Mimi that replied to his emails and invited him to her resort and into her heart.  This is a quick sweet and sexy read that will have turning pages as quick as you can.

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