Monday, December 30, 2013

Cursed (The Chosen #1) by Ann Mayburn

Locked in a demonic curse, Carmella Ramirez has lost the will to love. Once she was the star of the Ramirez Samba School and lived a charmed life. Now, thanks to an old enemy’s thirst for revenge, she's the school's reclusive seamstress and living in the dangerous ghetto of Rio de Janeiro. But that's the least of her problems. When the sun sets, a succubus overtakes Carmella’s body and uses her beauty to lure men to their death. As the corpses pile up, those controlling Carmella plan to sacrifice her to their demonic god and blame her for the killings.

Her only hope is Sean Kalmus—a world famous musician and warrior of the Celtic god of Music, Maponus. While in Brazil to work the Carnival, Sam’s orders by Maponus to find and rescue Carmella turn into something more than they ever could have imagined when Carmella captures Sean’s heart.

With Sean's help, Carmella will have to call on her strength, his magic and their love to break herself free before she becomes known as Brazil's most notorious serial killer.

My Review:

Despite the fact that Ann Mayburn has written over 30 books she is relatively new to me.  A friend who knows I enjoy a good steamy read recommended her saying her work would parboil my eyes.  She wasn’t wrong.  So when the opportunity came for me to get an advanced copy of Ms. Mayburn’s new book Cursed for review I jumped on it. I LOVE the cover.  I am not a big fan of horror and the first couple of chapters had me worried that this was going to be a horror story.  It isn’t  It is a good old fashioned Demonic possession story with Gods and music and dancing and of course some down and dirty sex.  This is a good story with the possibility of becoming a great series.  I am anxious to see where the author takes this.  

This book goes on sale December 31st

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