Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Dallas & Kacie: Tiger Bite (Tiger Nip #2.5) by Brandy Walker

It’s the Holiday Season and Kacie Cook is counting down the hours until its time to close up Sweet Confections. Not that she has any great plans for the week the bakery is closed. She won’t be seeing her family—yet again, and all of her friends are too busy. All she has planned is a little rest and relaxation. That is until the last customer of the night walks in. Could he be the one to bring some holiday cheer and possibly change her life forever?


Though short and sweet this is another fun read in Brandy Walkers Tiger Nip series.  We met Kacie in Claiming More (Tiger Nip #2) and you will probably get more out of this if you’ve read it (and if you haven’t you should as it is a good read).  This is a quick hot holiday read with some real laugh out loud moments.  

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