Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Marine Ever After (Always a Marine #14) by Heather Long

Marine Paul Torres is used to the casual thing, women who enjoy the pleasure of the moment and whom he can bed with a wink and a smile.  Lately though, he’s turned on by the allure of finding the right partner for him with so many of his friends settling down.  Attending a wedding in Texas for one of his oldest friends, he meets Lillianna Hansen.
Paul and Lillianna get off on the wrong foot, enjoying a wildly passionate encounter after the wedding. He wakes to find her gone, but still tries to track down her number. Paul wants more than a one-night stand, but his limited leave is up and must return to active duty.
He might be ready to take their relationship to another level, but all Lillianna thought she wanted was a good time. But Paul’s attention—even from thousands miles away—is hard to resist and while she tells herself repeatedly she doesn't want a relationship with a Marine, she can’t deny the consequences of their passionate night.
And when she finally does reach out, it’s to confess she’s pregnant, and she has to figure out if she’s ready to let the father of her child be her Marine ever after…

My review:

Paul is a slick Latin lover but his night with Lillianna leaves him wanting more than a one night stand.  As an Army brat Lillianna knows what the military lifestyle is and wants nothing to do with it.  Paul needs to convince Lillianna that loving a Marine is not the same as being an Army brat.  Some folks write military romance and gloss over the reality of loving someone who serves at the convenience of the government.  It isn't easy.  There are separations, odd hours, moving, anxiety over duty and duty stations, leaving friends, making new friends, etc.  It is hard to put all of that into a love story but Heather Long not only does it she makes it part of the romance.  This is a fantastic series and each story seems to get better and better.

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