Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Animal Attraction by Lori Foster, Maisey Yates, Heidi Betts, and Jules Bennett

Four short tales of attraction aided and abetted by animals to help raise money for a no-kill animal shelter.

Buckhorn Ever After by Lori Foster  - Shohn Hudson is one of the next gen of Buckhorn bachelors.  He has a legacy from his brother Casey, his dad and uncles that he has managed to live up to so far.  He is 25 hot, heroic (a park ranger), and has no plans to settle down anytime soon.  When his cousin Amber (Morgan & Misty’s kid) asks him to pick up her dog from doggie daycare he runs into the owner Nadine Moest a blast from his past and a woman way down on his list of I’d do her.  That is all about to change.
Imagine Me and You by Maisey Yates – Jace Colter has issues.  He is a compulsive neat freak.  When his best friend of 14 years Samantha shows up on his doorstep with her large drooling Newfie asking for a place to stay he can hardly say no but how does he deal with the slobbering shedding dog and even more how will he deal with his ever growing attraction to Sam.
Gimme Shelter by Heidi Betts – When Erica’s hot neighbor shows up in the middle of the night with 3 wet bedraggled kittens he has rescued asking for help she has no choice but to let him in.  Can she let him into her heart as well?
Partner In Crime by Jules Bennett – Vet tech Saige has a secret.  She is an unrepentant thief.  That doesn’t stop her from thinking her next door neighbors brother the cop is sizzling.
Anthologies can be hit and miss.  This one is mostly a hit.  I love the Buckhorn brothers and it was great to see the guys again.  I don’t recall reading anything by Maisey Yates before but enjoyed Jace and Samantha’s story.  I am a fan of Heidi Betts and the 3 stooges stole my heart.  I've read and enjoyed Jules Bennetts work before.  I was a little conflicted about this story though.  All in all though this is a wonderful anthology for a great cause.

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