Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Marine Affair (Always a Marine #13) by Heather Long

Incredibly sweet m/m romance.

Heather Long doesn't write m/m romance as a rule.  She writes about love and respect, challenges and obstacles and overcoming them.  There has been no bigger obstacle in the military until recently than being gay and in love.  A Marine Affair deals with two men who have been in a secret relationship for the past 10 years under the military’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy.  Now that DADT has been repealed Navy doctor Rick wants to go public.  Marine Eli says he doesn't and takes off for a year long assignment in Africa.  Now he is back and Rick wants to finish their discussion and find out why Eli feels he still has to hide their relationship. Love has many forms and Ms. Long has a gift for sharing and caring about the love her characters have for each other.  This is a m/m romance and thus has some very steamy m/m sexual situations but ultimately it is about trust and love.  

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