Sunday, June 2, 2013

Craving More (Tiger Nip, #1) by Brandy Walker

First book in a new series by Brandy Walker.  What do you do when you fall for your best friends sister?  It’s totally against the “Bro code” but tiger shifter Jett has been falling for Corrine it seems like since he roomed with her brother Sam in college. He hadn't actually met her but pictures and stories kept him looking for more.  When he finally meets her for the first time his tiger roars “MINE”.  Now all he has to do is convince Corrine and hope Sam doesn't kill him.

I love shifter stories.  Tigers are a particular favorite of mine so I was prepared to enjoy this story.  I wasn't disappointed.  Ms. Walker has created a world where shifters are “out” and part of society with their own sub-culture and hierarchy.  This is a sexy, sweet romance with a smoking hot tiger who falls head over tail for the short zoftig tigress.  The secondary characters are great and I can’t wait for Sam to get his comeuppance. 

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