Saturday, January 14, 2012

Erected (Book 1 in the Erector Set series) by Desiree Holt

Contemporary romance with HEAT (it is Desiree Holt after all).  Vanessa “Ness” Bowen is having a tough time of it.  Her car got wrecked and she broke her ankle. But that doesn’t keep our intrepid executive down.   While at a dinner meeting with clients her new car is towed from a handicap spot because she forgot to put up her temp placard (editorial comment here… this never happens in real life although it should.  I frequently see cars without handicapped plates or placards parked in handicapped spots without being towed.  It burns me. Folks just hike it so those that need can get to it.  All better now).   This gives hunky contractor Josh McMann a chance to play white knight.  He assists her in getting her car back and Ness invites him to dinner to repay him for his kindness.  Poor Ness gets t-boned by a drunk running a red light on her way to that thank you dinner.  This gives Josh another chance to play white knight.  Both Josh and Ness have issues.  But there is also a lot of smokin' hot chemistry.  Enjoy the ride.

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