Thursday, October 6, 2011

Men Out of Uniform by Maya Banks, Karin Tabke, and Sylvia Day

Men Out of Uniform by Maya Banks, Karin Tabke, and Sylvia Day

Soul Possession by Maya Banks - I was a little disappointed by this story.  It had lots of hot sex but the story just left me luke warm.  Don’t know if it was the story or my frame of mind when I read it.  I will re-read at a later date and re-evaluate because I usually like Maya Banks work.

Two cops want the same bartender.  The night she gets fired she decides to take them up on their offer of a threesome.  The same night her boss gets killed and she is the number 1 suspect.  I did like the twist at the end.

Wanted by Karin Tabke – I did enjoy this story.  It had some rather humorous moments mixed in with smoking sex and a sweet romance.  Undercover cop and former seal Colin Daniels has to keep the only woman he has ever really loved from being killed by the mob on her way to testify against her estranged mob boss husband.

Taking the Heat by Sylvia Day
I think this was the best of the lot.  Sylvia Day tells a fast paced sweet and sexy story about a U.S. Marshall, Brian Simmons, who has to get his ex, whom he has never gotten over, safely across the country to testify against a crime cartel.  

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