Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Date Night, Hardcore Cowboys, and Corralling the City Girl

Date Night by Emma Holly is a fun follow up to Hidden Depths.

I re-read Hardcore Cowboys by Stacey Espino in preparation for the release of Corralling the City Girl.  Cowboy ménage.  I think I enjoyed Hardcore Cowboys more than Corralling the City Girl despite the squick factor of the brothers in Hardcore Cowboys not that they did anything with each other its just that family shouldn’t play that closely.  In Corralling the City Girl the guys are not related but they are assholes at the beginning.  I don’t care how horny I was I don’t think I would have put up with Dawson or Chase for very long.  Brad was all over the place.  A total switch.  Submissive and domineering.  They manage to redeem themselves at the end but of the two Hardcore Cowboys was better.

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