Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Bite Before Christmas by Lynsay Sands & Jeaniene Frost

One book.  Two of my favorite authors.  Two very different types of vampires. I’m delighted. 

The Gift by Lynsay Sands is Teddy Brunswick’s story.  Teddy is the sheriff of Port Henry.  The woman he has loved all his life is now an immortal and has found her life mate.  It seems everybody has somebody but him.  Holidays suck when you are single.  This is something that Teddy and Katricia Argeneau have in common.  Katricia is an immortal in the same situation as Teddy.  She too is avoiding spending the holidays as a charity case by friends & relatives.  Thus they end up as neighbors when the power goes out from a snow storm.  She has food.  He has a fireplace and wood.  Getting together makes sense.

Home For The Holidays by Jeaniene Frost.  Shortly before Thanksgiving Cat throws Bones a 245th birthday party.  What could go wrong?  Just about everything.  

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