Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Werewolf In Manhattan & A Werewolf In Greenwich Village by Vicki Lewis Thompson

In preparation for the release of A Werewolf in the North Woods by Vicki Lewis Thompson I re-read A Werewolf In Manhattan and A Werewolf In Greenwich Village.
A Werewolf In Manhattan is the first book in the Wild About You series.  Emma Gavin is a bestselling author of novels about werewolves.  She gets it.  She is correct on most accounts about werewolves.  Enter Aidan Wallace, pack leaders son and security specialist.  He is tasked with finding Emma’s source.  But the kicker is she doesn’t have one.  Her imagination is just that good.  By the time Aidan discovers this he has become attracted to Emma.  Not good.  She is human and he is sort of promised to the daughter of the Chicago packs alpha.  Hi-jinks ensue. 
A Werewolf In Greenwich Village is the e-book sequel to A Werewolf In Manhattan.  It lets us know what happens with Nadia the she-wolf daughter of the alpha of the Chicago pack and her deranged brother. 
I enjoyed these.  This series is light fun brain candy.  I fully expect to enjoy A Werewolf in the North Woods which tells us the story of Roarke, Aidans brother.

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