Monday, September 19, 2011

The Lear Sisters Trilogy by Julia London

Material Girl, Beauty Queen, and Miss Fortune.
Material Girl – Oldest sister Robin is a high powered V.P. at daddy’s company a job she is ill prepared for and frankly sucks at.  Meet Jake a guy from the wrong side of the tracks trying to make it as a contractor while studying architecture. 
Beauty Queen – Middle sister former Miss Texas, Rebecca, is newly divorced from her childhood sweetheart with a small child who cries for his nanny.  Meet man whore Matt the lawyer with a heart. 
Miss Fortune – Sweet, quirky, baby sister Rachel professional student and self-saboteur. Meet Flynn investigator for Lloyds of London.
I really liked the fact that I could relate to all three sisters.  I wasn’t sure I would because I mean “poor little rich girl” times three.  But even rich girls have daddy issues.  All three girls could be someone you’ve met.  Pushy over achiever Rachel, underestimated good looker Rebecca, and Rachel with a heart of gold who lets everyone walk over her because she never feels good enough. 
Warning somehow Jake’s nephew Cole from Material Girl turns into his son in the next two books.  

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