Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hidden Depths by Emma Holly

The fae have created a pocket between our world and theirs where magic can exist.  We were introduced to part of that pocket in Hidden Talents where we met the hunky werewolves of the Resurrection Police Dept. (Whom I hope we shall revisit sometime soon please).  In Hidden Depths we meet the were-seals of Oceana. 
The king is dead long live the king.  The new King  Anso of Oceana is hit hard with the mating heat and takes his lover Ty and two guards to search for his mate.  Much to his dismay he finds her making love to her husband on the beach.  The mating heat is on him and he can’t not take her so he takes her husband too to make her kidnapping easier on her.  There is a chain reaction of chemical and physical attraction between the new king, his lover Ty, James and Olivia Forster.  It seems the mating heat affects them all. Trying to deal with it and its ramifications while trying to shore up his political standing among those who seek to use or remove the new king makes for a great read. 
I don’t know how Emma Holly does it but I hope she keeps on doing it.  This is a smoking HOT read and a great story.  Warning: scorching mm, mf, & mmmf sex under the seas.  

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