Sunday, June 28, 2020

Protection Detail: Federal Paranormal Unit by Roxanne Witherell

Always protect what’s yours.  Heather Rockfell is a badger with anger issues. A liability to the FPU, she is suspended and forced to take anger management classes. Not one to just sit around, she needs to get back in the middle of the action. While having dinner with her twin brother, something happens that will change her life forever.  Shelby Masters only wants what’s best for his son and that means keeping him from those that want to take him away. He needs someone that understands what it means to be a shifter. Shelby is only human, after all.  Someone wants him dead...but who and why? Maybe with the added protection and help from the beautiful Heather Rockfell, he’ll have the answers soon enough.  Heather is now on security detail, guarding both Shelby and his son while trying to find out who is after him and why. Things heat up and danger is getting closer. Can they both survive? 

My review: 
Heather has issues, a gun and a low tolerance for idiots and those that would hurt innocents. This has put her on suspension from her job with the FPU but doesn’t keep her from taking a side job.  This book is sweet and sassy and a whole lot of fun. 

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