Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Death's Shroud (The Cauldron Coven Book 1) by Robbie Cox

Death stalks the dreams of the residents of Harbor City, and bodies are piling up.

Laci Valentine is done. Done with magic. Done with the Cauldron Coven. Done with the people around her dying. She is through being a witch. Then, Nazareth Xavier appears with a message from Hekate, Goddess of the Underworld.

The Cauldron Coven is shattered. Two members are dead, two have walked away, and three are heartbroken over everything that happened over the last month. Tansy Paxton fears it’s the end of her small coven when a young witch, Sherri Rockford, enters The Murky Cauldron. Hope fills Tansy until things begin to feel a little too familiar. Has another demon entered the Land Above? Or is Sherri just a witch on the wrong path?

My review:
Death's Shroud is an intricate spin off from the Warrior of the Way series by this author. He does cover all the pertinent parts so you don’t feel lost. This book takes Laci broken and confused from events in the previous series and starts her on a new path one that is strewn with trials and troubles but has the potential to restore her reason for being. I enjoyed this tale and can’t wait to see where the author takes us from here.

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