Monday, June 15, 2020

At Her Command (Mistresses of the Board Room #1) by Joey W. Hill

Getting a man on his knees isn't a problem. To Rosalinda Thomas, it’s an opportunity...

Ros doesn’t accept excuses for falling short. Particularly not from herself. As CEO of a successful New Orleans marketing firm, she knows how to bring quality to the top. The same way she knows how to get it from the men who serve her in the bedroom.
Lawrence has been a SEAL since his teens. He doesn’t know how to be a civilian. So when being a SEAL is no longer an option for him, he accepts a security job at Thomas Rose Associates to keep his edge. But from the moment he sees Rosalinda, his deep need to serve gets redefined.

He’s never belonged to a Mistress. Ros is about to change that.

My review:
At Her Command is a sensitive and insightful journey. Rosalinda Thomas is a tough as nails CEO and a Dominatrix who has earned the trust of many a sub. She doesn’t believe in love. Lawrence recently left the SEAL’s and the Navy which makes him pretty tough too. He’s intrigued by Ros’s world. He has the need to serve. Their path isn’t easy but it is worth the pain and sacrifice. This author puts you into the hearts and minds of her characters which makes the story that much more meaningful. This tale will break your heart and rebuild it. Absolutely fabulous.

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