Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Black Hollow: A Cupid's Burden by J.C. Layne

Adrian Lovejoy is a cupid who has lost his faith in love. He has been jaded by broken unions and the flippant attitude people seem to have about love. People don’t deserve love, they’re too stupid to hold on to it. So, Adrian is done; done with love and done being a cupid. Hoping to anger the Cupid Council enough to have them strip his powers, Adrian has been on a quest to screw up any and all unions he can.

The Cupid Council doesn’t want to lose this promising young cupid. In their desperation, they enlist the services of Dr. Mara Washington to help Adrian get back on track. Mara is a relatively new psychiatrist in Black Hollow and is also a human. When she agrees to counsel this wayward cupid, she never would’ve dreamed that someone could get under her skin like Adrian Lovejoy.

Will Mara Washington be able to pull Adrian out of his funk or will Adrian get his wish to be stripped of his powers? One thing is for sure; neither of them expect what they find.

My review:
What do you do when you’re a cupid who has lost his faith in love? Adrian Lovejoy is depressed and exhibiting self-destructive behavior, His family and the cupid council force him into counseling. Dr. Mara Washington is a human and a new resident in Black Hollow. She is asked to help Adrian find belief in love again. This is their tale. I hurt for Adrian as he was spiraling out of control. I loved Mara’s amazement and acceptance of the paranormal residents of Black Hallow. This is a feel good story that will raise your spirits and leave you with a smile.

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