Monday, August 29, 2016

Wedding Moon (Black Hills Wolves #52) by D.L. Jackson

Felix Dawson loves the ladies. As a retriever, a Wolf who runs errands for the pack, he’s met his fair share of buxom beauties outside Los Lobos. After an incident involving a traveling freak show and a mob of angry clowns seeking retribution for his taking the innocence of some not so innocent triplets, he swore to his alpha he’d stay out of trouble and away from human women.

And so far he has, until a vision in white stops him on the interstate outside Sioux Falls. He’s a knight in shining armor kind of guy and far be it for him to pass up a runaway bride in distress. Promises be damned.

Tierney manages to escape what could’ve been the worst mistake of her life. When she ditches her groom before the wedding, she has to run with a one hundred thousand dollar gown, purchased by the man she’d left behind. Good thing someone stopped to pick her up on the interstate, and bonus, it sounds like they’re headed to a remote location where she can lay low, until she can get the dress shipped back and avoid arrest for grand larceny.

When she can’t get anything out of Felix about the private community he won’t take her to, she decides to sneak into the cargo area of his Hummer when he goes into the gas station to use the restroom, jumping from the frying pan into the fire.
And then he catches her.

My review:
A runaway bride story with twists and turns that will keep you flipping pages. Felix is an easy going wolf with a sense of humor and adventure that has gotten him and his brothers into trouble on more than one occasion. He is trying to be good but who could ignore the distress rolling off the pretty young woman who has hopped in the cab of his truck semi dressed in an expensive wedding gown. Not him apparently. He does everything right. He removes her from the danger and drops her at a truck stop before heading back to Los Lobos. Unfortunately she didn’t get the memo and hitches a ride that will change her life. Drew, Gee and Ryker are going to have fun with this one and so will you.

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