Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A Santini's Heart by Melissa Schroeder

Carlos Santini has seen the worst of war first hand. After leaving the Marines, he decided to open a therapy ranch. If he can’t fight anymore, he wants to help those who have served and who are still serving. Everything is fantastic, but for one little issue, his assistant, Tia Mendoza. The woman is bossy, sarcastic, and so hot he can barely keep his thoughts straight around her.

Tia loves the work she does with Carlos. She thrives helping other veterans like her brother. Of course, working for a man like Carlos isn’t easy. He has a hot temper and he is so sexy when he loses it. She can’t help but test him, until the day she pushes him too far.

Carlos knows from that first kiss that Tia is the woman for him. But, before they can have that Santini HEA, they find the ranch they both love in danger from some very bad men. As the threats grow deadly, Carlos realizes that before he can claim his woman, he will have to do everything in his power to save not only the ranch they both love, but also Tia’s life.

My review:
What is hotter than a former Marine? A former Marine who is now a cowboy. Carlos Santini was born a Marine. He was born into a Marine family and knew from the time he was a little one that he wanted to serve as one of America’s finest. He has served at a physical and emotional cost which led him to the one woman on earth who could move his crusty heart and deal with his grumpy butt. Tia Mendoza and her brother run the ranch where vets with PTSD can get equine therapy. It worked for Carlos so well he ended up working there and buying into the place when Tia’s brother was killed by a drunk driver. Now two years after they take on the ranch together another of Carlos’s siblings has gotten hitched and he has finally figured out that the reason he hasn’t been dating is because the woman he wants is right there on the ranch.  Now all he has to do is save the ranch and the girl and convince her that they belong together. With some help from the Santini clan he may just win it all.  I love Carlos because despite being hot he has his drawbacks like being bossy and a total grump at times. I love that Tia recognizes she doesn’t need a man to be happy but doesn’t discount the fact that a man can add happiness to the day.  Though this is part of a series it can be read stand alone. A Santini's Heart is a sweet sexy and fun read.

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