Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Her Guardian Wolf (Black Hills Wolves #48) by Jax Garren

When Elle Montgomery’s domineering ex turns out to be a literal monster—a werewolf claiming her as his mate—she hires fireman Caleb Hunt as a bodyguard. Afraid to love again, she pours her passion into her work as a jewelry designer. Before long, her bodyguard becomes her best friend…her too-sexy best friend. Determined not to lose what they have, Elle ignores the growing lust she feels every time Caleb’s beautiful blue eyes look her over.

Ten years ago, Caleb reluctantly left the Tao pack and its cruel alpha rather than become part of that twisted regime. When he meets Elle, his mate, he finds a new purpose as her bodyguard. His skittish mate, though, won’t tell him what haunts her, and he can’t tell her what he really is—a werewolf in love.

When Elle’s ex returns, determined to claim her at all costs, Caleb learns her secret—she’s terrified of werewolves. They hit the road to outwit her ex. Along the way, Caleb is determined to defeat Elle’s deranged ex, change her mind about wolves, and bring his mate home to Los Lobos for good.

My review:
Lord love a patient man. Wolves are patient hunters and Caleb is tested daily. His mate is human and has no clue he is a werewolf. He wants to claim her but she has a secret and until she trusts him with it he is afraid to trust her with his. This is a tale of redemption and learning to trust.  I love Elle. She is strong, independent and has faith in herself. Caleb is a work in progress but needs to know when he has paid for his sins. These two are great together.  A feel good read.
The Black Hills Wolves books can all be read stand alone.

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