Monday, May 23, 2016

Treasure Me (Love Thieves #2) by Heather Long

One Treasure… 
Some would kill to know what Sophie Kingston knows. Rich and powerful people will do anything to possess the secret, but not even Sophie realizes how much danger she is in—or how far they will go to hunt her down and take it from her. But when she sees a murder no one can prove, the threats to her life keep coming. 

One Hunt… 
Pietr Sauvage is neck deep in the hunt for The Fortunate Buddha when a lead draws him to New York and thrusts him into the life of art history specialist Sophie. What began as a favor turns into a desperate need to protect the sexy curator from the dark web of deception threatening to pull her under. 

Too Many Thieves… 
Lost in the shadow of intrigue and danger, Sophie must learn to trust Pietr, a man with an agenda, a man she can’t help but desire, before the ruthless thieves steal their only chance. 

Raising the stakes heightens the attraction…

My review:
Unlike the first book in this series Treasure Me starts off with a bang and keeps your heart racing until the very end. Playboy Pietr Sauvage meets his match in art history specialist Sophie Kingston. There is nail biting action, smoking hot sex and sweet romance. This book will get your heart rate up so strap on the fitbit and enjoy.

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