Saturday, May 7, 2016

Craving His Love (Black Hills Wolves #47) by Kayleigh Malcolm

Stone McKie has come back to the Black Hills, the only place he’s ever felt at home. He never expected to find a mate waiting, or that the creative omega would be terrified of him. 

Josh was raised believing that he wasn’t worth anything other than being a whipping boy for more dominant wolves. The thought of being the mate to a big, burly tattoo artist is too terrifying to contemplate, but he can’t seem to keep his distance. 

When a threat from Josh’s past catches up to him, he has to turn to the one man who scares him for protection. Can Josh get past his fears and accept the love he desperately craves? Will Stone have to leave the one place he’s ever felt at home, to follow his mate? 

My review:
Big burly teddy bear wolf meets his mate in a tiny twink who is scared of him. When Stone first catches Josh’s scent he thinks “prey”. It could be because Josh is Omega or it could be because Josh is surrounded by fibers from prey animals, rabbits, sheep, goats etc., all day or it could be because Stone’s wolf wants to hunt him down and make him his own. He wants to hug and squeeze him and love him all to pieces. But first he has to prove his intentions are pure. It may kill him but anything worth having is worth working for. Short, sweet, sexy fun. A terrific addition to the series.

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