Thursday, May 26, 2016

Geek in the Woods (Geeks in Nature #1) by Cheryl Dragon

Major construction disrupts more than Ray Hooker’s life; it rattles his small town with a secret. 

As sexy genius Eric Ridgeway continues building his state-of-the-art think tank, the town’s shifter population is terrified their identities will be uncovered by the group of incoming scientists. When fear drives vandals to slow construction, Ray helps Eric defend his property. Their relationship heats up and, in order to protect Eric, Ray reveals that he’s a bear shifter. 

Now, not only is his secret out of the bag, but Ray needs to decide if loving Eric is worth the risk of discovery by other scientists. None of that will matter if their newfound attraction can’t outlast fear, lies and distrust! 

My review:
The Geek and the outdoorsman who just happens to shift into a bear. When change comes to Bear Island not everyone is happy about it. Bear shifter Ray Hooker proprietor of the local hardware store is thrilled with the agent of change sexy Geek Eric Ridgeway is gay, hot and into him. But when Ray’s secret gets out things get rough. Can their love survive? Fear, lies, distrust and lots of hot sex. A fun read.

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