Thursday, January 28, 2016

Scent of His Woman (Black Hills Wolves #39) by Rebecca Royce

Magnolia Holden fled the Black Hills Wolves with her family during the reign of Magnum, terrified for her life and for that of her older sister Betty, who she had to leave behind. She has never wanted to go back to Los Lobos and face her terror of the enforcer, Ryker. Instead she lives happily in Sioux Falls helping her parents run their dress shop and dreaming of Clayton Davies, the human mystery writer who she loves but believes she can never have.

But there is murder happening in the Black Hills and when Betty’s mate, the Alpha Drew, lies at death’s door, Mags will have to return and face her worst nightmares over and over again.

Only this time she won’t be alone. Clayton loves Mags, and he is a man who knows how to look into the darkness and come out the other side. Together, they will help Ryker seek a killer who wants humans dead. If they can both live through the night... 

My review:
Scent of His Woman is a fantastic addition to this series! Most of the human mates to this point have been women. In this book we are treated to all kinds of surprises not the least of which is Clayton Davies, human, former cop and now a mystery writer. Clayton looks at life from a different angle and might just be able to help the pack find out who is killing their humans.
I absolutely loved this addition to the 4 book sub series, Scent, and can hardly wait for the last one. The Scent books, of which there are four are connected by a murderer and in my opinion need to be read in order, Scent of Murder (Black Hills Wolves, #37) by Cara Carnes, this book Scent of the Hunt (Black Hills Wolves #38) by Cam Cassidy, Scent of His Woman (Black Hills Wolves #39) by Rebecca Royce and Scent of Madness (Black Hills Wolves #40) by Heather Long. They can technically be read standalone but are really each a part of a whole story arc. 

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