Monday, January 18, 2016

Between Blood and Beast: A Paranormal Shifter and Vampire Erotica by Ashlei Hawley

Mariah Sloan is just about to turn twenty. No birthday could be more impacting on her life. At twenty, she’s allowed to make a choice between staying human or becoming a were-panther like her father and his Pardus. The man she’s loved for years, Justin, was welcomed into the shifter fold four years ago. Ever since then, her decision has been a no-brainer. 
She can’t wait to be a were-panther. 
Endre is a vampire who hunts the corrupt among his own kind, such as the slave-maker, Silver. On the night of her change, Mariah is attacked by Silver and Endre is forced to change her into a vampire to save her. While Mariah undergoes her transformation and the loss of her desired future, the supernatural forces in the town must hunt Silver down. 
Can Endre risk his beautiful new youngling’s immortal life for a chance to track down his ancient enemy? Will Mariah be able to accept a life in which she’s lost everything she’s ever wanted, but gained more than she could have dreamed? 

My review:
Between Blood and Beast is a short, hot PNR by “new to me” author Ashlei Hawley. Mariah Sloan is a young woman on the cusp of a major life change. She gets one; just not exactly the one she had planned. Mariah was about to claim her heritage as a were-panther and the man she has always loved. Her dreams are taken away by psycho sexual sadist vampire who had planned to add her to his harem of slaves. She is saved and turned by the vampire on the hunt for the crazy one. Endre has never changed anyone and is not ready for the intense feelings it engenders. He has to work with the panthers to bring Mariah into her new world. I liked that Mariah is not the weepy angsty type. The sex is smoking and inventive. I will be checking out more by this author.

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