Sunday, January 17, 2016

Extreme Control by Tilly Greene

Selkirk MacLellan is on track to becoming the world’s greatest race car driver. His life depends upon split second reactions and believes in the saying, “Think and you’re dead.” The question is: what does he do when love crashes into his world?

Oralia Norman has become the only artist to paint a Formula 1 Team portrait, but it’s the devilishly sexy team captain she wants. During a fast and furious affair, however, Kirk gives new meaning to the words crash and burn, by ending their relationship with a phone call.

Kirk knows he was holding back details of his sexual preferences from Lia and after crashing his race car, he’s hell bent to get their relationship back on track. When he shares his dirty little secret, he wonders if she’ll run away or accept him and his needs.

Note from the Author: Extreme Control, a contemporary erotic romance + exhibitionism and a ménage a trois, is at 33k words. This is the first of two in the Control series, and changes have been made, including the title, for its 2nd release.

My review:
SMOKING HOT!  From the first page to the last this book will have you squirming in your shorts. An F1 racer and an independent artist who have been flirting for over a year finally get together. When his feelings grow to be more than he knows how to handle he breaks it off. After a life threatening crash he realizes he wants/needs her in his life but he needs to do things right this time around, if she’ll take him back. No more secrets. When he broke it off she was devastated but glad she hadn’t told him how much she loved him. Now he is back and wants to try again. Can she open her heart to that kind of pain? What will his secrets do to her? Find out in this fast paced sizzler by the fantastic Tilly Greene. Break out the ice water and a fan you will need it.

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